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Subject: Re: [sdd] SDD Meeting Option - Boston circa October 3rd-6th, 2005

Thank you Jay for your offering.

regarding to my schedule, I have a family commitment
on the week end and I needed to leave there on 6, cutting
back one day earlier. So if this was to be on 7th there,
I guess I must say regrets. I may have no time on 5 since
the ACS-WG made two session requests on that day (not fixed).
So the possibilities are really either on 3rd or 4th
and not sure how long I can be out from there for these days.
In reality, I prefer the rest of the October if we do full day
meetings wherever in the U.S.

Keisuke Fukui
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

Jay Nash wrote:
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> Hello again,
> I just reviewed the schedule for the Global Grid Forum (GGF15).  The
> schedule looks pretty full from October 3rd (Monday) to October 6th
> (Thursday).
> We could start relatively early on Friday the 7th and adjourn in the
> early to mid afternoon so folks could catch flights home for the weekend.
> Jay Nash
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> Jay Nash, CTO
> OMS SafeHarbor
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> Lowell MA 01852
> 978.937.2363 ext.111
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