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Subject: Fw: [chairs] Meeting Space Available and Call for Presentations for theOASIS Adoption Forum


Note the invitation/opportunity below.

We had discussed a December F2F meeting. This might be an opportunity to pursue in place of that December meeting, as the time frame is the same and many other opportunities present themselves.

We can discuss at tomorrow's conference call.


Brent A. Miller
STSM, Autonomic Computing Architecture
IBM Corp.
Tel. 919-543-6959 (TIE 441)

"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is."
-- Jan L.A. van de Snepscheut

----- Forwarded by Brent Miller/Raleigh/IBM on 08/08/2006 11:47 PM -----
"Jane Harnad" <jane.harnad@oasis-open.org>

08/08/2006 03:35 PM

"Jane Harnad" <jane.harnad@oasis-open.org>
[chairs]  Meeting Space Available and Call for Presentations for the OASIS Adoption Forum

Dear OASIS TC Chairs:

As you know, we have announced our fall OASIS Adoption Forum, 28-29 November
2006 in London. As in past years, we're encouraging our Technical Committees
to schedule face-to-face meetings in conjunction with this event (30 Nov-1
Dec). BTW: This year's event will be co-located with eema's "Enabling
Efficient e-Identity Applications" <http://www.eema.org/> on 27-28 November.

In addition to hosting TC Meetings, the Adoption Forum committee is
accepting presentation proposals through the end of this month (31 August).
We would like to encourage our TC members to participate and hope you or
your TC members will take advantage of this opportunity to educate the
European community on what your TC is accomplishing. Presentation submission
guidelines and deadlines may be found on the event website at
Special note: All submissions will be peer-reviewed by the program committee
and will be roughly 30 minutes in length. There will also be an online
proceedings, therefore, the visibility of all Forum presentations has the
potential to grow.

As a recap, we would like all TC chairs to:

1. discuss the advantages of holding a F2F at the Adoption Forum during your
next TC meeting

2. reserve TC meeting space using the online form
http://www.oasis-open.org/events/adoptionforum2006/cmtmeetings.php, as soon
as possible, so space can be allocated

3. and encourage your TC members to submit presentation proposals by the 31
August deadline; more details may be found at

Thank you in advance for your support. We look forward to seeing you at the
OASIS Adoption Forum in London.


Jane Harnad
Manager of Events
+1978-667-5115 ext 214
Office Hours:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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