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Subject: Groups - Action Item Modified: #0158 Work on project plan dates

OASIS Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) TC member,

Mr Brent Miller has modified this action item.

Number: #0158
Description: Work on project plan dates
Owner: Mr Brent Miller
Status: Open
Due: 08 Aug 2006

Ms. Julia McCarthy  2006-08-02 15:18 GMT
b.	Project plan  logistics. This is in Microsoft Project now. Do we want to maintain that format? If so, are there volunteers? Brent doesnt have it. Debra volunteers to own the document. She would take the information she is given and put it into Project format. Next question, what dates need to go in there? Action Item: Brent  look at current plan, make some best guesses on new dates and seek help for others.

Mr Brent Miller  2006-08-18 17:33 GMT
A draft for an updated project plan (SDD TC Project Plan-V2 Proposal.doc) has been posted in "Working documents". 

As discussed in last week's TC call, I have made a first pass at an updated project plan. This reflects our new plan for a F2F meeting and Julia's & Robert's plan for specification writing. It also includes several assumed
dates, particularly near the end (final ratification process), but these should serve as reasonably accurate placeholders. A couple questions still remain in the document as noted. 

PLEASE REVIEW AND COMMENT! I would like to schedule some time to discuss
this during next week's call.

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- OASIS Open Administration

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