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Subject: Groups - Action Item Modified: #0168 F2F: Update compliance level pro...

OASIS Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD) TC member,

Mr James Falkner has modified this action item.

Number: #0168
Description: F2F: Update compliance level pro...
Owner: Mr James Falkner
Status: Closed
Due: 06 Oct 2006

Ms. Julia McCarthy  2006-08-30 15:10 GMT
Action item #168: James, Christine, Randy  1. update current compliance level 1 proposal immediately and post; 2. Everyone comment by Sunday. 3. Update proposal based on comments so that we can discuss, and hopefully agree on, proposal at next weeks meeting.

Ms. Julia McCarthy  2006-09-13 15:09 GMT
Marking this as required pre-F2F.

Mr James Falkner  2006-09-20 14:22 GMT
Posted document representing first stake in ground for CL1.

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