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Subject: Spec posted

Okay folks - I have posted two more versions of the spec and updated the
"To Do" list to reflect what remains to be done.

I must note that there are still a few places where edits to content may
need to be made, but in general the spec should be in pretty good shape.
The simple types that are not called out in their own sections also need
usage notes added.

Please pull down both r88 and r89.  r88 contains all the content changes
tracked (I've already accepted formatting changes and other minor
editorial changes) and should be reviewed for content.  r89 contains the
ordering changes that we agreed to last week and the cross-references
have been updated, please reviewed this version for editoral feedback.
There should be no significant content differences between the two

I know that it's a pain to look at two revisions, but Word considers
moving a section as a change to the entire section, so you lose the
specific tracked changes.  I wanted folks to be able to see which
sections were moved.  Hopefully, after this we'll only have one revision
to review.


Merri Jensen 
Installation Technologies - Java 
SAS Institute, R3326 
(919) 531-4912 
SAS ... The Power to Know 

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