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Subject: Update, Call for Agenda Items


Please accept my apologies for not tending to the SDD agenda and calls as 
rigorously as I would like the past two weeks -- I was out of the office 
and neglected to properly schedule or cancel the calls.

If anyone has any  agenda items for this week, please let me know by end 
of today (Wednesday). I know that we have not had a lot of activity 
recently, and experience shows that activity often drops off in the 
summer, as it's often difficult to achieve a quorum because of vacations.

I am fine with assuming that we won't meet in July, but if there's 
business to transact, let me know and we'll do so.


Brent A. Miller     
Senior Technical Staff Member, Master Inventor 
Chief Architect, Tivoli Autonomic Computing & Component Technologies 
IBM Corporation 
Please Note New Tel.       919-224-1027 (TIE 687) 
Email:   bamiller@us.ibm.com

"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. 
But, in practice, there is." 
-- Jan L.A. van de Snepscheut 

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