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Subject: Suspend and resume of SDO logging required

If a user in Order Management (OM) use case, the use case used in the
specification and probably the most used use case in the software
literature, wants to change customer of the sales order, new selected
customer should be first imported to graph and then reference from sales
order object should be redirected to newly imported customer object. 

But import of order's new customer should not me registered as data
graph change in ChangeSummary, only redirection of reference is real
change that should be logged.

If SDO data graph is understood as a detached piece of a domain model
graph (a main copy or central data graph) or a view to domain model
graph, then import of newly selected customer in this use case is not
change of the domain model but rather extension of a view to domain


SDO should provide either API that defines a suspend and resume logging
methods (developer's responsibility for implementation of 'import data
object to data graph) or API that defines a import data object to data
graph method.


Miro Kandic
(408) 525-2596

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