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Subject: AW: [sdo] Updates to keys and orphans

Hi Frank,

We have the same problem for keyType as when generating SDO metadata in XML:  anytime we want to reference types, we don't know how to represent it in XML...especially if the type is a standard type or something that is inconvenient to include in the document itself.

In the API it's clear, the value of keyType is a Type.  In XML, it would be really nice to define the Qname as a key, and use the key as the value of the keyType property.  But we haven't done that yet, so the only real option is to make keyType have type URI, and use our beloved namespace#localName format.

In anycase, even though we are talking about the same information, we have an "impedence mismatch" between the API, where the value is a type, and XML, where the value is...basically a string.

Like I said, long term, I would like to see keys applied here.  In the short term, I think we need to keep the xml annotation keyType seperate from the API annotation keyType.  That is, we need an attribute in the sdox namespace with type URI, and an attribute in the sdo namespace with type Type.

As long as we are having 2 keyTypes, I thought we'd just duplicate all the key-related properties.  That is, my idea was to have all 3 in sdox and all three in sdo.  And that's what's currently in the spec.

It's pretty ugly, and I am certainly open any better ideas.


-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Frank Budinsky [mailto:frankb@ca.ibm.com] 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2008 16:57
An: Barack, Ron
Cc: sdo@lists.oasis-open.org
Betreff: Re: [sdo] Updates to keys and orphans

Hi Guys,

I've removed the collaboration diagrams, and made a few more minor 
changes. I've attached the latest.

Radu, I think you are next in line to take control of the document. When 
you're done, please send it back to me, and I'll work with Bryan to make 
the final OASIS-required changes.

Ron, one thing I noticed about your key writeup is that in section 4.6.3 
you describe key, keyType, and embeddedKey as sdo: annotations but in 
section 7.3 you list them as sdox: annotaions. Which one is it?


"Barack, Ron" <ron.barack@sap.com> 
12/10/2008 09:31 AM


[sdo] Updates to keys and orphans

<<sdo-core-3 0-spec-wd02-081208-bea_update (2).doc>> 
Hi SDO-ers 
I've modified the text to be a little clearer, and also more conform with 
our resolutions, at least with my memory of them and what was written in 
the resolutions.
Ron [attachment "sdo-core-3 0-spec-wd02-081208-bea_update (2).doc" deleted 
by Frank Budinsky/Toronto/IBM] 
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