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Subject: Re: [sdo] Proposal for Static SDOs

Hi Ron,

Regarding the package name to/from URI mapping, your document says they're 
the same value, but that won't work. For example: "http://a/b/c"; is not a 
valid package name. I thought we were thinking about using the JAX-B 
mapping rule for URI -> package name. In the other direction (package name 
-> URI) JAX-B just uses "" for the URI by default (if there is no 
annotation). Is that what we want to do as well? I heard that the WebBeans 
spec is proposing a Java to XML namespace mapping of the following form: "
urn:java:<package qualified Java Class>". Seems kind of strange, but maybe 
it's a good idea to make SDO3 and WebBeans behave in the same way.


"Barack, Ron" <ron.barack@sap.com> 
02/09/2009 06:52 AM


[sdo] Proposal for Static SDOs

<<Proposal for Static SDOs.doc>> <<Static SDO.ppt>> 
Hi Everyone, 
Here is the proposed wording for Chapter 3 of the Java Spec, and a PPT 
describing what I think are the highlights and main discussion points of 
the proposal.  Comments of course welcome.  Hopefully, everyone will have 
time to review this before next weeks virtual F2F.

Ron [attachment "Proposal for Static SDOs.doc" deleted by Frank 
Budinsky/Toronto/IBM] [attachment "Static SDO.ppt" deleted by Frank 
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