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Subject: SDO vF2F Feb 18 (Wed) XML Fidelity discussion items

Hi Guys,

Here is a list of items that I'd like to discuss next Tues (Day 2 of the 
vF2F). Please let me know if there are other items to add to the list.

Some of the following items have already been discussed somewhat on the 
mailing list. I will summarize the current status of their discussion, and 
hopefully we can make further progress (maybe even close) them. For the 
rest, I'd like to spend a little time deciding if we want to do anything 
for them or defer them to SDO 3.x. The section numbers, below, refer to 
the sections in the XML Issues document: 

1. Special value property (section 2.1.5)
2. Attributes in a Sequenced Type (section 2.3)
3. Substitution Groups (section 2.6)
4. xsi:nil with attributes (section 2.7)
5. Support for soapenc:Array (section 2.8)
6. SDOPath access to mixed and simple text (section 2.10)
7. Type System / XSD MetaData (section 3)


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