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Subject: RE: [sdo] ChangeSummary presentation

have another ChangeSummary topic that I wanted to add to the discussion,
just something to consider. It's been a pet peeve for some of us and it
is about representation of changes for many-valued properties. The
scenario is that the input data graph has say 100 employees and the
client code adds one in the middle.


<employee name="Emp1">...</employee>
<employee name="Emp100">...</employee>


<employee name="Emp1">...</employee>
<employee name="Emp50">...</employee>
<employee name="Emp50b">...</employee>
<employee name="Emp51">...</employee>
<employee name="Emp100">...</employee>

Change summary in SDO 2.1 (the 51st employee is new and so it is skipped
from the old value):

<employee sdo:ref="[...]/employee[1]/>
<employee sdo:ref="[...]/employee[50]/>
<employee sdo:ref="[...]/employee[52]/>
<employee sdo:ref="[...]/employee[101]/>


<employee sdo:range="[...]/employee[1] [...]/employee[50]"/>
<employee sdo:range="[...]/employee[52] [...]/employee[101]"/>

Essentially, we would add a new attribute "sdo:range" with type
<xs:list itemType="xs:string"/>

but in practice we allow only two items in the list. When inside a
change summary representation, the meaning is that all of the elements
(and text, in case of sequences) between the element referenced by the
first item in the list and the second item in the list are unchanged. Of
course, we'd have to have some other restrictions such as the elements
that are referenced have to exist and be siblings etc. It's a simple
idea, but it helps for long arrays and sequences; the current mode will
also continue to be supported.


On Mon, 2009-02-16 at 06:16 -0500, Christophe Boutard wrote:
Hi all,


Please find the presentation for the ChangeSummary discussion.





Christophe Boutard
Development Manager, Data Services
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Email: christophe.boutard@datadirect.com

DataDirect Technologies
21 rue des Trois Fontanots | 92000 |Nanterre | France




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