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Subject: Issue raised during the vF2F

Title: Issue raised during the vF2F

Hi Folks,

I've created JIRA issues based on the minutes of last week's vF2F.  Since that are all things that we decided were in scope for 3.0, I hope we can open them as a batch.

Key Picture (Metafile)    Summary
SDO-158         Extend XMLHelper API to use StAX and SAX constructs    
SDO-157         Support for facets in the SDO metamodel        
SDO-156         java.io.Serialization should also be able to handle non-closed DataGraph       
SDO-155         Support java.io.Serialization in landscapes with multiple HelperContexts       
SDO-154         API for creating/ looking up HelperContexts    
SDO-153         Should substitutionGroup where maxOccurs>1 imply isSequeced=true?      
SDO-152         SDOPath access to mixed text   

Picture (Metafile)

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