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Subject: Re: [sdo] SDO-27: Proposed API with generics and deprecated typedaccessors.

Hi Ron,

Attached is an alternate approach.  In this version the clean version of DataObject (called Data) is the super interface.  Methods that take DataObject as a a parameter now overloaded to also take Data as a parameter.


Barack, Ron wrote:
Hi Everyone,
Here is the Java API with the generic methods added, and the old typed accessors pulled up into to a deprecated super-interface.  I also pulled up the other deprecated methods.  In this version, I haven’t introduced a package named “deprecated”, the new class is simply in common.sdo, but I think we can decide to do this refactoring (or not) in the call, without completely generating the API again.
I’ve also applied the modifications (from issues 151 and 54) to XSDHelper.
Best Regards,

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