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Subject: SDO 3.0 API Refactor - First Draft

Hello All,

Attached is a first stab at the API refactor discussed last week (introducing org.oasisopen.sdo.*).  It is still a work in progress and will not completely compile.  I have also attached a skeleton impl to ensure that an implementation could implement both sets of interfaces.

To satisfy the compiler I was required to remove the generics from all list return types on the commonj.sdo.* classes as apparently

    This is valid:
    Super Class:  org.oasisopen.sdo.DataObject foo();
    Sub Class:  commonj.sdo.DataObject foo();

    This is not:
    Super Class:  List<org.oasisopen.sdo.DataObject bar();
    Sub Class:  List<commonj.sdo.DataObject> bar();

Decisions to be made:
  1. Is this worth doing?
  2. Is there any reason for the commonj.sdo.* API to be different from SDO 2.1.1 (add new API only to org.oasisopen.sdo.*)?
  3. Are there any other API fixes we should make?



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