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Subject: RE: [search-ws-comment]DisplayTerm // Forms versus Scan and Facet // was: ....

Sorry, but the parallels between <term> in a facet response and <term>
in a Scan response seem so clear to me.

The subelements of <term> in a Scan response are <value> (equivalent to
<actualTerm>), <numberOfRecords> (equivalent to <count>), <displayTerm>
(missing equivalent), <whereInList> (clearly as Scan specific value) and

I notice that our standard extensibility mechanism has been omitted from
facets, so I'd like to suggest that we put <extraTermData> in.

For the purposes of parallelism, I'd be willing to add <requestURL> to
the <term> in a Scan response.  If the purpose of having it in facets is
to make life easier for thin clients, I'd suggest that the same is true
for Scan.


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