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Subject: RE: [search-ws-comment]DisplayTerm // Forms versus Scan and Facet // was: ....

> The text: "The term, exactly as it appears in the index." does not
reflect our
> agreement on "anything goes". It must be changed to reflect our

I agree that we've diverged from "exactly as it appears in the index" to
"anything goes".  But that only argues more strongly for a displayTerm.
If anything goes, then the "actualTerm" could easily be "(a and b and c
and d)" with a displayTerm of "Your Favorite Authors".

> > I notice that our standard extensibility mechanism has been omitted
> > facets, so I'd like to suggest that we put <extraTermData> in.
> That's OK. Get rid of DisplayTerm and you can use extraTermData in
> profile to include a displayed term... I can use it for help, hints
etc. As an
> optional element I think we all get our cake!

:-)  I'll take that extraTermData!  And you're right, if we conclude
that displayTerm is irrelevant, then it can be carried in extraTermData.

> > For the purposes of parallelism, I'd be willing to add <requestURL>
> > to the <term> in a Scan response.  If the purpose of having it in
> > facets is to make life easier for thin clients, I'd suggest that the
> > same is true for Scan.
> Agreed..

I'll take that requestURL in Scan term too!  That will definitely make
my life easier in my thin clients!

> And how about we change the wording for value (and the optional
> in Scan?

As you will have seen by now, I've asked the SRU list for advice on
displayTerm in Scan.  If no one speaks up for it there, then I'll drop
my argument and suggest that we deprecate it in Scan.

I'm a little nervous about redefining "value" in Scan responses.  The
values in Scan are ordered.  If we conclude that "anything goes" there,
then what is the ordering?


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