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Subject: XCQL Schema: mandatory sortKeys element

Dear All,

I would like to point to your attention a probable inconsistence between the CQL draft specification and the XCQL XSchema.

In the XCQL Xschema of June 16, 2010 at


the sortKeys element is mandatory:

<xs:complexType name="xcqlDefinition">
<xs:element ref="prefixes" minOccurs="0"/>
<xs:element ref="triple"/>
<xs:element ref="sortKeys"/>

On the other hand, in the draft CQL specification of September 20, 2010:


it is said that:

"A CQL query [...] may have a sort specification at the end, following the 'sortBy' keyword" (page 4)

as also reported in the ABNF query syntax:

cql-query = query [sort-spec] (page 8)

Best regards,
Nicola Ferro

     Nicola Ferro   -   Ph.D. in Computer Science
     Assistant Professor

     Department of Information Engineering (DEI)
     University of Padua
     Via Gradenigo, 6/A  -  35131 Padova - Italy
     Tel +39 049 827 7939  Fax: +39 049 827 7799
     skype: nicola.ferro  
     e-mail: ferro@dei.unipd.it
     home page: http://ims.dei.unipd.it/members/ferro/    

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