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Subject: RE: [search-ws] OASIS/SRU: ATOM/SRU Response Schema

Hi Ray,

  Please make sure to ask people to provide feedback via the TC comment list so
that there are no IPR issues (search-ws-comment@lists.oasis-open.org). 



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress [mailto:rden@loc.gov]
> Sent: Friday, November 09, 2007 3:17 PM
> To: search-ws@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: [search-ws] OASIS/SRU: ATOM/SRU Response Schema
>  I've drafted the message below (with subject as in this message) to post
> to
> the SRU listserv.  Please review and comment as soon as you can.
> I will precede this message with an introductory message, draft of which
> I'll post to this list for review, separately.
> --Ray
> -----------------------------------
> This is one of a number of topics initiated by the OASIS Search Web
> Services
> Technical Committee, for discussion within the SRU list.
> The TC is considering the response format for the searchRetrieve operation.
> There is strong support (from at least one member) for making ATOM the
> default format - that is, ATOM support would be mandatory and the existing
> SRU response format optional.
> There are variations to this proposal, for example both formats could be
> mandatory. Or an implementation would have to support at least one but not
> both (on the theory that if a client supports one and server the other,
> then
> they probably weren't meant to interoperate).
> So the possibilities are:
> 1. ATOM mandatory, SRU optional.
> 2. Support for both formats mandatory.
> 3. Support for the SRU format mandatory,  ATOM optional.
> 4. Must support at least one of the two, SRUor ATOM. (The explain record
> would indicate what formats are supported.)
> 5. No mandatory response format. (Explain.)
> 6. Server must support both SRU and ATOM, and client at least one.
> 7. Client must support both SRU and ATOM, and server at least one.
> (Explain.)
> Note that there is a new request parameter proposed, 'responseFormat', so
> the client can indicate which format it wants.
> In any case, a "flavor" of ATOM would be specified in the standard which
> would call out (namespaced) elements similar to those in the current SRU
> schema -- globally: <version>, <numberOfRecords>; and per record:
> <recordSchema>, <recordPacking>, <recordPosition>.   So the full
> functionality of the SRU response schema can be provided.
> The TC solicits ideas from SRU implementors on this issue.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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