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Subject: Fw: OASIS/SRU: Parameterized Query

Farrukh -- do you think you could easily extract a subset of the document
that focuses on PQ?  Thanks. --Ray

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From: "LeVan,Ralph" <levan@OCLC.ORG>
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 9:35 AM
Subject: Re: OASIS/SRU: Parameterized Query

Can we get that Parameterized Query document broken into pieces?  It
gets pointed at for every issue we bring up.

Parameterized Queries are a form of canned query with parameters.  The
use of them has nothing to do with the response format.  That issue
should be in a separate document.


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From: SRU (Search and Retrieve Via URL) Implementors
[mailto:ZNG@loc.gov] On Behalf Of Farrukh Najmi
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 9:20 AM
Subject: Re: OASIS/SRU: Parameterized Query

Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress wrote:
> This is the second of a number of topics initiated by the OASIS Search
> Services Technical Committee, for discussion within the SRU list. (See
> related message "OASIS/SRU Discussion".)
> Issue: Parameterized Query
> Issues List: http://wiki.oasis-open.org/search-ws/issues
> Issue Id: farrukh-4
> Thread:
> There is a desire among some committee members to incorporate support
> Parameterized Query.
>  In Parameterized Query there is a query pre-configured on the
server, with
> all supported predicates and parameter variables.  Clients invoke the
> by  id and supply a subset of supported parameters.  (The server
prunes the
> query to remove predicate for which parameters  were  not supplied.)
>  A typical PQ request might look like:
>                        http
>  Which isn't consistent with SRU/CQL syntax.
> There has been debate within the committee.
> Some feel that a PQ can be represented as just another CQL query using
> current syntax. Here is an example of of the example PQ could look
like in
> this case:
> http ://example.com/search?query=queryId=123&20and&20name=japan
> That is, an index, 'queryId',  would be defined,  and there would be
> associated with this index, for example, when a query uses this index,
> remainder of the query must be limited to boolean ANDs and predicates
> the relation is always '=" and the index corresponds to a parameter
> by the stored query.
> Others feel that the a CQL query can be expressed as just another PQ
> the PQ syntax. The later proposal is described in the following
> (which is for discussion only and has no formal standing):
> earch-ws-param-query-1.0-draft1.pdf>

The publicly accessible URL for above document is:


Reminder to OASIS colleagues to use above format for URL to OASIS
documents for public access.


> So the debate is among three possibilities:
> 1.  Model according to CQL, where PQ is a special case.
> 2. Model according to PQ, where CQL is a special case.
> 3. Accomodate two separate models.
> SRU implementor feedback is solicited on this issue.
> --Ray Denenberg

Farrukh Najmi

Web: http://www.wellfleetsoftware.com

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