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Subject: Re: [search-ws] Multiple Query Types in SRU

LeVan,Ralph wrote:
> I like the idea of Parameterized Queries.  They are very
> OpenSearch-like.  But, they are absolutely not CQL and any attempts to
> shove them into CQL are misguided.


> We need to squarely address the issue of multiple query types.  Once
> that is done, I suspect we'll find a place for Parameterized Queries
> (abbreviated PQ from now on because it's a royal pain to type!)

Again +1

> There are a number of ways we could support multiple queries.  I'll list
> a few and pick a favorite.
> 1. We could specify the query type through the use of a controlled list
> of query parameters.  "query=" could designate a CQL query and "pquery="
> could designate a PQ query.  This would leave the standards group with
> the responsibility of controlling the types of queries supported.
> Explain would be extended to list the types of queries supported by a
> collection (e.g. database).
> 2. We could have a "queryType" parameter whose value indicated how the
> "query" parameter should be interpreted.  Explain would be extended to
> list the types of queries supported by a collection and what the default
> queryType was.
> 3. We could take a page from OpenSearch and let the Explain record
> define the name of the parameter used for each query type.  So, I could
> say that a CQL query was specified with the "cquery" parameter and a PQ
> query was specified with the "pq" parameter.  Going this route would
> probably require that we come up with a profile document that
> recommended some standard parameter names and result in something much
> like #1
> Personally, I like #3.  I think we need to reconsider all our fixed
> parameter names in the light of OpenSearch and determine if they
> couldn't be specified in Explain instead.

+1 again. Personally I rule out (1) as a hard to manage option, and 
favour (3).

So far in my analysis I have felt that Parameterized Queries are a 
natural fit for OpenSearch interface which is also
essentially a parameterized query model.

Farrukh Najmi

Web: http://www.wellfleetsoftware.com

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