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Subject: Re: [search-ws] Scan as a query type

Here's an alternative approach that I think is simpler.

Model all the terms from all indexes to be in the same database (a separate
database, or even records in an existing database), define a scan context
set, with an index whose name is 'index'  whose term values are the names of
the indexes.

So a query clause could be


The result set would be all of the dc.creator terms. You would include a
sortby clause to make sure you get terms in order. With this approach you
could present from the start of the index, if you wanted to.  Present
records from the result set to retrieve the terms. The special record syntax
Matthew mentioned would be used.

Say you want to include a seed term.  Define another index in the scan
context set, 'term':

scan.index=dc.creator AND scan.term >= <term>

The result set would be all dc.creator terms beginning with <term>.

Say you want to include an offset. I think that would be a new request

What do you think of this approach?

If people think this is an approach viable enough to at least explore
further then I'll write it up and post tomorrow. (Not going to be able to
post today as I had hoped to.)


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