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Subject: Re: [search-ws] Scan as a query type

> If the request for a search on author has the same form as the request
> for a scan on author, how does the server know that whether to do a
> search on author or a scan on author

 I'm assuming that we're modeling  two different databases - one for the
real records and one for the terms.  So the server knows based on the

That does raise (at least) two problems: how do we indicate the database and
(Ralph's question) how do we link the index to the database.

I really don't think the second is a major issue, you do it through Explain.
We're likely going to be completely overhauling Explain before this is all

But how do we indicate the database?  Revive the database parameter? That we
had in Z39.50 but kept out of SRU, probably for the same reason that we
wouldn't want it now, it's would violate REST principles.   So that's not a
viable option.

Different endpoints for different databases?    Can one explain file explain
multiple endpoints?


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