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Subject: FW: OASIS/SRU: Operation Parameter

Can someone articulate an argument in favor of dropping the operation
parameter, without mentioning REST?  Invkoking REST for REST's sake doesn't
seem to be persuading anyone.  If REST has a good argument then let's
articulate that argument.


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From: SRU (Search and Retrieve Via URL) Implementors [mailto:ZNG@loc.gov] On
Behalf Of Matthew J. Dovey
Sent: Friday, November 23, 2007 10:36 AM
To: ZNG@sun8.LOC.GOV
Subject: Re: OASIS/SRU: Operation Parameter

> True, but they'd need to be persuaded to give up their lunch break for 
> essentially aesthetic reasons.

I've seen plenty of aesthetic arguments on this list ;-)

> I've still not seen an argument for making this change, that says much 
> more than "because it looks nicer."

It is a little deeper than that - the change conforms to REST guidelines,
the current SRU version doesn't (we've been fairly careful in the SRU
documentation to talk of being "REST"-like). So the fundamental reason is
whether better conformance to the REST guidelines is important enough to
give up your lunch break!


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