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We did not have a quorum this morning and therefore terminated the call at 9:30.
There had been only one voting member who had hinted he might not be able to make the call. Please be sure to let us know at least two days in advance if you know or suspect you cannot make a call (last minute emergencies understood, of course).  That way, if we know we will not have a quorum then we can cancel in advance and aviod wasting the time of those who do call in.
We would like to see if we can re-schedule this call for this Friday morning, November 28.   If not, we will schedule it for next Wednesday, December 5.  Same time (9am US Eastern time).
Voting members, please let me know immediately if you can make the call Friday.  If we cannot expect a quorum by tomorrow late afternoon, we will cancel.  
Also let me know if you can make a call next Wednesday.

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