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Subject: Re-arrange Parameter sections/tables in Bindings

I propose to rearrange the parameter tables in the bindings. For example the
SRU 1.2 request parameters are presented as:
2.1.1  Abstract Request Parameters
2.1.2  Abstract/Actual Request Parameters
2.1.3  Abstract/Excluded Request Parameters
2.1.4  New Request Parameters
2.1.5 Actual Request Parameters For this Binding

But I think implementors who read this document really want to know about
2.1.5, and the first four sections may serve only to confuse them.

So I suggest moving the current section 2.1.5 "Actual Request Parameters For
this Binding", to the top of the request parameters section, and follow  it
with a section called "Relationship to Abstract Parameters" which would
include the four subsections:
 - Abstract Request Parameters
 - Abstract/Actual Request Parameters
 - Abstract/Excluded Request Parameters
 - New Request Parameters

Similar suggestion for response elements.

For duscission Thursday.


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