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Subject: Groups - Abstract Protocol Definition (sws-APD-4-9.doc) uploaded

Janifer has drafted an openSearch binding (to be posted later this
afternoon). She, Ralph, and I had a phone call yesterday to discuss it.  We
think the process of reviewing the document has exposed a few areas of the
Abstract Protocol Definition that need work.  

This revision reflects that discussion and is for discussion at tomorrow's
call. The following points are addressed by the revision:

1.  We have conflated the concept of  a record as it exists in the database
with a "response" record.   The APD calls them both "item".   In Z39.50 we
had different names: database record, abstract record, and response record.
 That didn't carry over to SRU because we didn't carry over the model. We
don't need a model as complex as Z39.50, but it does seem we need to
distinguish between a database record and a response record.  

2. We suggest introducing the concept of "groups of search results" into
the abstract definition.  (These are realized as  pages in the openSearch

3.  Abstract processes.
A binding might model several distinct abstract processes. For example, an
initial search and a subsequent refining request may both be part of the
same abstract process, or a binding may choose to model these as distinct
abstract process.  For example a server might have different templates for
these two processes. 

4. There is a suggestion to add two new categories of description: (1) how
to process results, and (2) auto-discovery process.

5. We note that openSearch doesn't really have "actual" parameters the way
we have defined them. The OS parameters are really abstract parameters. An
abstract parameter name is what goes in the curly brackets in the URL
template.  So for example  "maximumRecords={count}" in the template means
that 'count' is the well-known abstract parameter and that 'maximumRecords'
is the actual parameter that this binding uses for it. So we need to
introduce the idea that the abstract parameters in the APD may map to
actual parameters in a binding, which in turn become abstract parameters to
be mapped to actual parameters via dynamic bindings. 

 -- Ray Denenberg

The document revision named Abstract Protocol Definition (sws-APD-4-9.doc)
has been submitted by Ray Denenberg to the OASIS Search Web Services TC
document repository.  This document is revision #2 of sws-core-2-11.doc.

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This document is revision #2 of sws-core-2-11.doc.  The document details
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-OASIS Open Administration

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