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Subject: description language

SWS Committee Members --
We need redirect our efforts towards the description language; as we said at Thurday's call, aside from Janifer and me, all members should focus attention on this.  (Meanwhile Janifer and I will work on the openSearch binding and I will work on getting the other documents ready for release).
Ralph - you weren't at the call Thursday so we have volunteered you to work on this.  Larry and Rob agreed to join in the effort. So this means Ashley, Ralph, Larry, and Rob.  Matthew -- would you be able to help with this?
To reiterate what we discussed at the call: the descriptive language needs to describe both an arbitrary sever and one that supports, for example, SRU 1.2. The current draft treats arbitrary servers only. The language needs to be powerful and descriptive enough that if a server supports, for example, SRU 1.2, it can completely describe itself, without ever saying that it supports SRU 1.2. If a server supports openSearch it needs to be able to describe that via the description language, that is, our description language needs to be compatible with the openSearch description language.
Could one of you volunteer to quickly draft up a document for discussion that treats both SRU 1.2 and openSearch?
Any other observations or comments about this?

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