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Subject: items and groups

We are introducing "groups" into the abstract protocol.  Currently we have the abstract request parameters "startPosition" and "maximumItems".    A server might serve records by group and/or item, so we want to introduce the request parameter "startGroup".   Or "group".
Question: if a client requests by group, say it asks for group 3, does it also indicate a number of groups?
I asked this question at the call and thought I heard the answer "no", that if it ask for a group, it is asking for just that group.   However according to my notes (and the minutes) the server response should include "number of groups returned" - though I think that should be number of groups" (not "returned", just the number created).
So we want to do one of the following:
-  if the client is allowed to request multiple groups:
    -- add request parameter startGroup
    -- add request parameter maximumGroups
   --  add response parameter numberOfGroups (in either case)
-If not
     -- add request parameter group
   --  add response parameter numberOfGroups
Which one?

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