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Subject: CQL / ASPECT Project


I was sent today the detail for a new european union project aspect Adopting Standards and Specifications for Educational Content.  Under their standards list they have the following entry for CQL:

CQL, PLQL, LRE-QL These are all abstract query languages that operate on a conceptual model instead of, for instance, relational tables. They have been developed by different parties involved in federating LO repositories and are used to interrogate metadata following the IEEE LOM. In the end it would be better to have a single well thought through query language.

ASPECT will thus first investigate this route and, if this is not possible, try to establish translation mechanisms. LRE-QL is already an application profile of PLQL.

Given CQL is next on the task list shall I try contacting David Massart and CEN/ISS  again and try opening that dialog again?  If David isn't involved in Aspect he should know who is. 


Kerry Blinco
e-Framework and Standards Manager, Link Affiliates, University of Southern Queensland; and
Technical Standards Adviser to the Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).  Australia.
Email:     kblinco@powerup.com.au
Phone:   +61 7 3871 2699              
Ph (Mobile) :    +61 419 787 992

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