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Subject: Re: [search-ws] Groups - draft-ogc-position-paper (ogc position paper.doc) uploaded

Hi Ray 

The business case we have had most success with in the Geospatial community here in Aus for doing things differently than they do today is not about meeting their own needs  (as they have a well developed and implemented set of specifications) but about how to expose geospatial information into other domains.  

Given your reading list (which I haven't been able to retrieve -  you probably know this already), the key spec we discussed  in our Australian/NZ/UK Geospatial SOA workshop was the Web Feature Service Implementation Specification (04-094)   http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/wfs (A specification for an interface to web services that return geospatial features in response to a query.  Also includes operations for Update, Delete and Insert)

The query mechanism in WebFeature Service is  GetFeature:   "The <GetFeature> element contains one or more <Query> elements, each of which in turn contain the description of a query.  The results of all queries contained in a GetFeature request are concatenated to produce the result set." 

Some of the examples  given on the spec of GetFeature are below:  I've listed the example number incase you want to look at the XML in the doc:

Example 7: The following example selects the geometry and depth from the HYDROGRAPHY feature for the area of the Grand Banks.  The Grand Banks are bounded by the following box: [-57.9118,46.2023,-46.6873,51.8145]. 

Example 8: Fetch instances of ROADS and RAILS that lie within a single region of interest.  (query looks for things with properties of roads and rails within a search area described by coordinates) 

Example 9 : The following example fetches the last name of all the people who live on the 10000 block of "Main St." in the town of "SomeTown" who are female and make over $35,000 in salary.  Note the use of XPath expressions in the predicate to reference complex properties. Address is a complex property.

Hope this help


On 04/09/2008, at 7:24 AM, rden@loc.gov wrote:

Participants in the September 15 OGC meeting are requested to submit a
one-page position paper. 

Please review this draft position paper for discussion at the call, Monday,
September 8.  

 -- Ray Denenberg

The document named draft-ogc-position-paper (ogc position paper.doc) has
been submitted by Ray Denenberg to the OASIS Search Web Services TC
document repository.

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