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Subject: Liaison to SWS work

Mary, Jamie -  (Please let me know who I should contact about this, if not
you two.)

We would like David Massart to participate in the work of our Search WS TC,
on behalf of the new ASPECT project  http://www.aspect-project.org/. David
is an expert on distributed e-learning applications, is on the technical
board of the IMS global learning consortium, and is co-chair of the IMS
project group on  'Learning Object Discovery and Exchange'. He would provide
valuable insight into search requirements for learning objects.

David is currently not an OASIS member. You may recall that we briefly
discussed, quite a while ago, ways in which he could participate, and
thought at the time that the easiest way would be as a liaison through
CEN-ISSS and/or IMS.

However, we didn't follow through at the time because our work took a bit of
a detour, and we have spent the past several months on what we call "phase
1": infrastructural and proof-of-concept work as reflected in the recent
committee drafts. We are now beginning work on "phase 2".   (This is not to
say we have completed "phase 1".)

Phase 2 work will involve new functionality, to be incorporated in what we
are calling SRU/CQL 2.0.  So we are re-recruiting some of the folks we had
originally recruited, and David is one of these.

So we request that David be permitted to participate in our proceedings in a
liaison capacity.



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