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Subject: Re: [search-ws] multiple query types

Ralph wrote:

> I'd suggest
> (5) Use (2) and the server can define an additional local name for the
> parameter in their Explain record. (reserving 'query' for CQL). This
> would be like Context Sets and their local names.  We'd have an
> unambiguous, interoperable version of the parameter name and allow
> servers to define something shorter and pithier.

I'd agree that 'query' must always mean CQL. For other queries
types I'd go for something like 'query.xquery' or 'query:sparql'.

I can't understand why a server would want/need to rename the
query parameter to something other than query -- other than to
make interoperating even more difficult than it is already.

I don't go for "shorter and pithier" as being a good reason
for renaming a parameter -- it's not like this stuff is meant
for human consumption.

Ashley Sanders               a.sanders@manchester.ac.uk
Copac http://copac.ac.uk A Mimas service funded by JISC

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