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Subject: Element set names

I want to add "Element Set Names" to the agenda for this morning's call
(0930 this morning, Monday, Sept. 22.)

I see more and more examples of select clauses that people want represented
in a query language.

For example consider the following geospatial example, one of several that
Kerry cites:

" select the geometry and depth from the HYDROGRAPHY feature for the area of
the Grand Banks.  The Grand Banks are bounded by the following box:
[-57.9118,46.2023,-46.6873,51.8145]. "

In CQL, that might be:

geo.feature=hydrography AND geo.bbox=/nwse

But the part about  "select the geometry and depth" is going to have to be
represented within the SRU request outside of the query, either the record
schema, or an element set name - which we don't have.

For discusssion this morning.


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