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Subject: Call next Monday? (September 29)

We had an interesting call this morning, however there was no quorum, just
three members - Kerry, Janifer and me - and some guests.  Without our two
protagonists  - Ralph and Rob, who take differing views on a number of
issues -  it was not as productive as I had hoped.  Although Janifer did
well to represent Ralph's views on some of these complex issues,  we need a
"full house" in order to have sufficiently meaningful discussion that we can
all take on tasks and move forward - it's time  to get past the "proccess"
part and move to the "content".

So, can we schedule a call for next Monday?  (September 29, 0930.)

We three who were on the call are available.   I need to hear specifically
from all the remaining members before we decide whether or not to go forward
with a call next Monday.

Will the following members .....


....  please all respond and indicate whether you are available.

I am not available October 6; October 13 is a holiday in the US.  So unless
we can hold a call next Monday (or find another time) the next call would
not be until October 20. So I am hopeful we can meet next Monday.



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