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Subject: Groups - Conference Call modified

Minutes added.

 -- Ray Denenberg

Conference Call has been modified by Ray Denenberg

Date:  Monday, 13 April 2009
Time:  09:00am - 10:00am ET

Event Description:
Posted privately.  Email rden@loc.gov if you don't have it (or call 1-202-707-5795).

1. Roll Call 
2. Approve agenda. 
3. CQL First draft
4. SRU 2.0 fifth draft  
   4.1 facets
   4.2 echoed request
5. Other work
    5.1 Explain
    5.2 OpenSearch
     5.3 Scan
6. Next steps. 
7. Other business. 
8. Next call.

Present: Ralph, Larry, Ray, Janifer, Nick

1. Discussion of  CQL First draft

- In the process of deriving the bib context set (for purposes of this document) too much "profile" information was pruned.  Add an annex that contains much of the bib profile.   And/or annotate the context set with helpful notes, for example the "title proper" note. 

- Add an annex for the DC context set. 

-   '=' relation. Implicit vs. explicit operator.   Nick and Ralph will write this up.   Also, define "word". 

- The "within" relation.   Specify how the term is to be constructed. 

- Look at the "keyword" index, with respect to "all".

- Sorting. Note within the CQL document that sorting may alternatively occur as part of the protocol, as opposed to the query language.  Discuss the reasoning for including sort procedures in both places, and the reason to choose one over the  other. 

- Identifiers. Develop a scheme to represent identifier types as URIs.

2. Discussion of SRU 2.0 fifth draft  

- Facets.  
    --  Multiple ranges. The draft currently allows only one field to be a "range" field. Extend this so that there can be multiple range fields. 
    -- Include URL.  the SRU request URL for the facet term, as part of the response information.
   --OpenSearch. When we get the facet spec stabilized, which should be the next draft, post a message to the OpenSearch list, to let them know that we too are working on facets, and we hope that our work will be compatible with theirs. 

- Echoed Query/Analysis
In the current draft we have integrated search result analysis into the echoed query.  In the next draft we'll remove it, and instead create a new element  or . 

3. Next call. 

In two weeks.  April 27.

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SUMMARY:Conference Call
DESCRIPTION:Posted privately.  Email rden@loc.gov if you don't have it (or call
  1-202-707-5795).\n\nGroup: OASIS Search Web Services TC\nCreator: Ray

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