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Subject: Re: [search-ws] Abstract parameter names

 From: "LeVan,Ralph" <levan@oclc.org>
>> However we have named our abstract parameter for the query, "query", not
>> "searchTerms".
> That's because OpenSearch doesn't support queries, but we do.

Yes that was the rationalization but I'm trying to be practical and deal 
with the real world.

Please consider this carefully:

I have put an autodiscovery <link> element at 

<link rel="search" 
      title="LC SRU" />

In the decription file, in the template, I have:   query={searchTerms}

And Firefox recognizes the search engine, so that you can select it from the 
Firefox search box in the upper right and send  a CQL query, and it works. 
Try it.

And that would not be possible if I didn't say:   query={searchTerms}

Is that not sufficient justification?


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