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Subject: RE: [search-ws] recordPacking: No Schema Change Required

> From: Hammond, Tony [mailto:t.hammond@nature.com]
> <xsd:element name="recordPacking" type="xsd:string" nillable="false"/>
> i.e. any string goes. There is no restriction to any type enumeration.
> So allowing for 'recordPacking=unpacked' is *not* a schema change. It
> only require a change in the text of the document.

Yes, I'm sure the new parameter itself would require no changes.  But I
believe the intent of the parameter is to cause a different response,
where elements that had previously been in the <recordData> element
would now be in the <searchRetrieveResponse> element.  That would be a
schema change.

If this new value for recordPacking causes no change in the response,
then explain to me again what its point is, because I'm feeling really
dense here.


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