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Subject: RE: [search-ws] recordPacking: No Schema Change Required

> -----Original Message-----
> There is no whiff of XML schema here in any of these formats. And no
> to any XML schema is required.

If the proposed change has no effect on the response, then it does
nothing and is not needed.

> Is there any reason not to allow for an SRU response to be hosted by
> extension format?

But you don't want to host the SRU response.  You want to host something
that looks sort of like an SRU response, but isn't.

> One could say that these OpenSearch responses were SRU compliant.

If they don't conform to the SRU schema, then they aren't SRU compliant.

> I'm feeling pretty dense too. This just seems to be so obvious. :)

I still don't understand why you can't generate any sort of JSON or ATOM
or RSS response you want without changes to SRU.  Show me any example of
a response and I'll create the stylesheet that generates it from an
existing SRU response.  Please!


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