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Subject: response id

Tony raised the issue of "response id":

> 9. Response ID
> There is no ID returned in the response. If there are records then a
> "resultSetId" is returned but not otherwise. Some serializations (e.g. 
> require an ID (actually a URI) for the response. One strategy would be to 
> use
> the "resulSetId" as the basis for a unique ID, but this fails when no 
> records
> are returned and a response is still required to carry the diagnostics.
> Is there some other place to return a unique response ID?

And my question was, is the concern only that a response id is required for 
certain serializations, ATOM, for example?  If so, then when ATOM is the 
response format it will contain an id (in the ATOM namespace) and there 
really isn't any problem, the SRU protocol does not need to deal with it.

On the other hand, is there a general use case for a response id, and should 
we add one to the SRU response? What is a response id used for, anyway?  If 
there are no results, then would a response id even have any use, and if 
not,  then the SRU resultSetId should suffice as a response Id.

Any other thoughts on this?


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