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Subject: Call Monday, January 11, 0900 US Eastern time

Please remember we have a call Monday, January 11, 0900 US Eastern time.
I have recently put up new drafts of SRU both versions 1.2 and 2.0.
1.2 had not been updated for quite a while, while our attention had been on 2.0, and so quite a bit or work was needed to bring the 1.2 document in line with the 2.0 document.  In addition I have added some new sections, have done some further reorganizing, have tried to make sure that the 1.2 document represents 1.2 and the 2.0 document represents 2.0, and, given that constraint, tried to align the documents as best as possible, and last, I have tried to prepare the documents so that they are close to ready for public review.
I would like for us to review the two documents from their beginning, side-by-side.  That should consume the hour.

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