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Subject: Fw: Tag for returning url to detail record

I propose that we kick Ralph's idea  (that he posted to sru) around here a bit.   Here we don't have to put up with Mike Taylor.
Might we want to consider, within application/sru+xml, allowing   foreign (namespaced) elements, ignorable.  At the response level?  <records> level?  <record> level?
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Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 11:05 AM
Subject: Re: Tag for returning url to detail record

I think there are a few elements in the <recordData> that could be promoted up to the <record> element.


I’m trying to build RSS feeds from SRU responses.  There are a number of elements in an RSS entry that would be easier to populate if they were treated as distinguished data and in the <record> element itself.  I’m thinking of things like author, title, recordIdentifier and link elements.  Naturally, they’d be optional elements.


I’ve not proposed them openly on the SRU editorial list, but I’d be glad to do that if there was some support for doing that from the implementors.


Any suggestions for other elements would be appreciated.  I’d prefer not to just drop the complete DC list in, but wouldn’t be astonished if there was popular support for the idea.


Sorry, Jörg, but that wouldn’t fix your problem in the near-term.




From: SRU (Search and Retrieve Via URL) Implementors [mailto:ZNG@loc.gov] On Behalf Of Jörg Lang
Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 6:03 AM
Subject: Tag for returning url to detail record




I’m in the process of building a search service for archives using the SRU technology. One of the requirements is that the result set that is displayed after a search, provides a hyperlink to a detail page of the record. Reason is, that archival records can contain lots of information that will not be accessible by the SRU query.


So the SRU client must be able to return this URL in its record structure. As the chosen Context Set does not provide a place for returning the URL we must use the extraRecordData tag to return this information.

As we think that this is quite a common requirement we were surprised that there is no “standard” extension for that as there is one for the relevancy.


Does anybody know if there is a existing extension for returning the URL to a detail record in the result set? And if not, what would be a good name to use?



Jörg Lang





Evelix GmbH                         Grammetstrasse 14

Jörg Lang                               4410 Liestal

+41 61 927 18 30                   www.evelix.ch




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