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Subject: Scan draft

I took the previously most recent Scan draft, which was over a year old, overhauled it, and posted it:

Now I need help bringing it to completion.  Can everyone read it and can we discuss it over the next week, and possibly have a call the following Monday (July 26)?

Here are some review points/questions.

1.1 Review the data model.

1.2 The processing model: is it sufficient or do we need the formality that we have for the SRU processing model.

1.3 Diagnostic model.  Currently empty. Someone please write it. 

1.4 Explain model.  Review.

1.5 Serialization model. Is scan strictly XML?

2.2 review description of parameters, particularly example in 2.2.2.

2.3 serialization. Should we use/adapt the SRU serialization model for XML/HTTP?

3.3.1 whereInList. review.

For stylesheet: should we introduce rendering, client side vs. server, as we do for SRU?

Extensions: should we write up an extensions section similar to SRU?

Conformance: what should constitute conformance -  For a client? for a server?


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