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Subject: new SRU draft, CQL, OpenSearch; call September 13

I've put up a new SRU 2.0 version,

I think this version is just about ready for public review. I have gone through it top to bottom checking links, correcting inconsistencies caused by changes in names of parameters, etc. Though I'm sure I haven't caught everything.  Note also I have added text at the beginning to relate this to the APD, and also I added an Operation model that covers the conversation we had at our last call.

Next week (though it is a short week) I will try to focus on CQL and get that ready for review.   Tony, can you send me whatever you believe to be the most current and accurate BNF, if it is not already in the current document.  My understanding is that the BNF is a collaboration between you and Adam, and if Adam is happy with it then that should be enough to keep Mike Taylor quiet. 

Also OpenSearch - can we get that binding near-ready next week?

We will have a call Monday, September 13.


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