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Subject: SWS Call September 13, 2010. Notes

Present:  Ralph, Larry, Tony, Ray

1. SRU 2.0

Sections 1 and 1.1 are new. Section 1 motivated by the public comment that although the document includes a reference to the APD, no context is provided.  So this section is intended to place in into proper context. 1.1 results from discussion at the previous call about the operation model.  The question was asked, does this mean that SRW is no longer in the picture at all? And the answer is no, there is still a binding to SRW, even though the protocol is called SRU which may imply that SRW no longer exists. We will put a historical note in A.3 and in the operation model talk about bindings and mention SRW.

Facets: Sections,, and dealing with facet range parameters will be removed. We will ad a <deisplayLabel> element in <facetTerm> in the response. Othewise, we consider the matter closed unless there is continued discussion.

2. Scan

Ralph will draft the missing sections, except the schema, which Ray will write.
  - diagnostics
  - extensions
  - echoed request
  - conformance
  - binding (Annex A)

3. APD

Move section 4 to the description language annex. 

Add a "background" section. Or "Scope and Relationship to Companion Documents".  In fact add it to all seven document in the collection.  Describe the APD as a "Reference point for search engines." 

4. OpenSearch

Tony will re-draft. Possibly this week, in time for next call, Sept, 20.

5. CQL

CQL document needs only the final BNF. Tony has addressed this, see message: 

6. Documents 
The collection of seven documents are:

 - APD
 - SRU 1.2
 - SRU 2.0
 - CQL
 - OpenSearch
 - Scan
 - Explain

We would like to get these wrapped up and ready for public review in the next several weeks. 

Next Call.  Planned for next week, Monday, September 20. If by this Friday it does not seem that it will be productive we will cancel.

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