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Subject: Acknowledgements and editors

For acknowledgements - I have to discuss this with Robin - but I am inclined
to want to say something along the lines of  "The following people were
members of the OASIS SWS TC At the time of publication of this specification
" and list just us six: Larry, Tony, Jan, Ralph, Matthew, Ray.   I honestly
do not want to have to go through an exercise that could take us back more
than 25 years to determine who contributed to this work.  We would certainly
either miss important contributors, or end up with a list of more than 200
people. And I seriously doubt that I could construct such a list with my
failing memory.  

For editors - we can list different sets of editors for each document. I

APD -- all six of us
SRU 2.0 -- all six
SRU 1.2 -- Ray
OpenSearch -- Tony, Ray
Scan -- Ralph, Jan, Matthew
Explain -- Jan, Ralph, Larry
CQL -- all six


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