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Subject: OASIS searchRetrieve interoperability demo with Hopkins

Hi Tom - You are listed as the OASIS primary representative for the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.  I am primary representative for the Library of Congress.  I am also  Co Chair of the OASIS Search Web Services TC https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=search-ws


First, I hope you can answer this question for me: the server, catalog.lib.jhu.edu - is it within your organization? (More specifically, I assume that that server belongs to the Hopkins library. Can the library  be considered to be represented by the Hopkins OASIS membership?)   If so then I would like to invite you (or ask you to recommend a colleague) to partcipate in an OASIS interoperability demonstration.


This may seem like an odd question/request, let me provide some background.  OASIS SWS TC successfully completed OASIS Standardization of searchRetrieve Version 1.0 in January and we are in the process of  submitting it to ISO for standardization there.   In order to do that, OASIS requires an interoperability demonstration involving OASIS member organizations.   We have two organizations that are able to demonstrate interoperability, the Library of Congress and OCLC.  And though two organization is sufficient, if we can get a third, all the better.


I am able to determine that the Hopkins server, catalog.lib.jhu.edu, is a Z39.50 server and that it is interoperable with the SRU/CQL standard (I have interoperated with it from here). I don't know the organizational structure of Hopkins; If the library (or whoever that server belongs to) can be considered to be represented by the Hopkins OASIS membership, then I would like to proceed with discussion about a possibility interoperability demonstration.




Ray Denenberg






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