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Subject: Webinar for searchRetrieve interoperability demonstration

Let's start thinking about a date for the webinar for the SearchRetrieve Interoperability Demonstration.  I suggest that we first decide on a timeframe, and then contact the participants so that we can zero in on a specific date/time within the timeframe.     I suggest early-to-mid September.


The OASIS members involved in the Demo would be OCLC, LC, and Hopkins.


(Regarding Hopkins:  recall that the "member" is the applied physics lab, while the server  - the one that will be involved in the demo - belongs to the Library. The Library is not part of the lab, and is not covered by OASIS membership.  I contacted the OASIS rep, Tom Smith, who put me in touch with a contact at the library, David Kennedy.  David has agreed to participate in the Webinar.  I think we decided that this is an acceptable arrangement.)


We need to decide who are the participants in the webinar (before we can try to coordinate a date):

·         Ray (LC)

·         Ralph (OCLC)

·         David (Hopkins)

·         Matthew (co-chair)

·         Janifer (member)

·         Yuha  (ISO)

·         OASIS Staff ….

·         (other interested parties)


Who else?





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