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security-bindings message

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Subject: [security-bindings] saml soap binding document

Title: saml soap binding document

In composing soap binding document I used following sources
(in addition to specifications listed in the text)

SOAP 1.1 Protocol Binding. From Evan Prodromou on Tue, 12 Jun 2001 22:33:39
This message was used as the basis for bindings 05 and current document.
I retained as much as possible. I reused generic soap text with minor edits
and added http specifics.

I also used discussion thread attached to the above message between
Evan and David Orchard.

Minutes of Bindings Con-Call, July 12 from Prateek Mishra sent on
18 July 2001 13:33:53

It discussed signing, the use of certificates with https, cache control,
confidentiality based on private key. There is an issue referenced to the
last point Bindings-HTTP-01, but I did not find anything on it in the
current issues document. I included text that communicating parties may
use private key for confidentiality. I expect comments on that.

message from Prateek discusses assertion signing.

Notes from the last f2f on http binding sent to me by Prateek.

Currently I included only on example. I would like to include saml error
response but I did not find any specifics how saml error element looks like.

Soap binding text:



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