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security-consider message

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Subject: Welcome to the security considerations list

Ladies & gents,

The list is now up & running.  We have about a dozen members for our group:

Ken Yagen, Crosslogix
Tim Moses, Entrust
Carlisle Adams, Entrust
Michah Lerner, AT&T
Nigel Edwards, Hewlett-Packard
Krishna Sankar, Cisco
Alan Byrne, Vordel
Mike Wray, Hewlett-Packard
Hal Lockhart, Entegrity
Zahid Ahmed, CommerceOne
Jeff Hodges, Oblix
Eve Maler, Sun (ex officio)

There are two others who have requested to join the group, but I'm unsure if
they're eligible (because they're not OASIS members).  I've asked Karl Best
to look into them, and let me know.

In any case, I see the primary role of the group as providing general
security review to make sure that the requirements, specifications, etc.
from the other groups don't have security architectural problems (e.g.,
broken crypto protocols).  A secondary role is to develop a set of
guidelines for implementers about security considerations that aren't part
of the specification per se, but are necessary to have a secure
implementation (e.g., tokens need to be cryptographically random, which
can't be required, but an implementation that doesn't do it would be bad).

Other opinions on our charter?  I won't write a draft formal charter until
we have an informal agreement on what it is we're going to do...

I'd like to get through the next general meeting before we consider a
meeting (via telecon) of our working group.

Thanks in advance for your participation.

Jeremy Epstein                          voice: 703-460-5852
Security Architect                        FAX: 703-460-5999
webMethods, Inc.                         cell: 703-989-8907
Fairfax Virginia             email: jepstein@webMethods.com

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