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security-consider message

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Subject: Resurrecting this group

Fellow "security consideration" people:

This group has been extremely quiet.  Seems like it's time to get us going
(finally).  The use cases group has in particular deferred several things to
us.  If you go to http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/security-use/ and
search for "security considerations", there's several things that pop up.
I'll encourage everyone on this list (including myself :-) to go take a look
and post comments to this discussion list.

Also, at the F2F in about 3 weeks there will be an opportunity for our group
to make a presentation of what we've been up to.  So it's probably a good
time to get moving :-)

I look forward to your input!


P.S. I'm sorry to report that Alan Byrne from Vordel, who was a member of
SAML and the security considerations subgroup, passed away from an accident
last week.  Flowers are being sent on behalf of SAML.

Jeremy Epstein                          voice: 703-460-5852
Security Architect                        FAX: 703-460-5999
webMethods, Inc.                         cell: 703-989-8907
Fairfax Virginia             email: jepstein@webMethods.com

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